18 in America

18 in America

Dylan Dethier was a young high school graduate heading to Williams College when we met in 2009. He was beginning his journey to play a golf course in each state before attending college. He stopped by the Orlando area when I was out of town, but stayed with some friends and played a couple of Orlando’s finest golf courses. He’s published a book on his time on the road, 18 in America: A Young Golfer’s Epic Journey to Find the Essence of the Game, which is due out in May, 2013. His journey was one that we all lived vicariously through-to act on a notion that was dear, and passionate to us.

Here’s your chance to discover one young man’s journey of golf across America. Dylan, now a junior and English major at Williams College, and plays on the golf team. He devoted countless hours over the past two years to document his travels and publish this book. It’s a little bit about golf and a lot about life-growing up, life on the road, surviving, and exploring the country and its people in every far reaching corner of America. Simon and Schuster is publishing the book, the release date is May 21, but it’s now available for pre-sale at the links above and below. Here’s their byline:

An exhilarating account of one remarkable teenager’s solo trek to play golf in each of the lower forty-eight states—a compelling coming-of-age story and a surprising look at the equalizing power of the sport in America.

It’s not just another golf book, it’s the Blue Highways of golf, from a three-dollar nine-holer in rural West Virginia to a municipal course amid the failing factories of Flint, Michigan, and to the manicured greens of Pebble Beach, Dylan explored the variety of the nation’s golf courses, the multiplicity of its towns and cities, and, the diversity of its people. He played with war veterans, autoworkers, and a livestock auctioneer and discovered golf’s unique capacity to serve as an equalizer. Over one year, he logged 35,000 miles, and countless nights alone in his dusty Subaru, he’d shower at truck stops, sleep with an axe beside him, lose his virginity, and meet legends like Phil Mickelson and Michael Jordan.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve pre-ordered my copy of 18 in America, due out May 21st, and can’t wait to read about the journey I should have taken.

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