The Best Golf Courses in America you can play

Our guide was launched in 2007 to provide traveling golfers with a resource to find the Best Golf Courses in America you can play by a group of web engineers and frustrated golfers in Orlando. While the web is unbeatable for finding information on any subject, we found it sorely lacking when looking for the top golf courses to play when traveling to a new area.

We set off on our journey by combing through the 16,000+ golf courses in America using the following resources:

  • Golf Digest
  • Golf Magazine 
  • Golfweek 
  • GolfClubAtlas
  • GolfWRX
  • Forelinksters’ members hidden gems

The research project is ongoing, but as of this date, we’ve found 4,500+ of the Best Golf Courses in America you can play. We then added a few features to keep our information up to date. 

1. We encourage our 4,500+ members and visitors to the website to provide golf course reviews and golf course ratings on the courses as they play. Our members then receive updates on courses conditions on their favorite courses

2. To keep the information up to date, we set the website up like Wikipedia so that when information on the golf course changes or the course closes, users simply submit an edit noting the change.

3.  We worked with the Golf Channel’s GolfNow to integrate their discount tee times into our directory. If the golf course doesn’t use GolfNow, our directory shows the nearest golf courses GolfNow serves with the lowest greens fees

4. We use a GoogleMaps app to map out the locations of the golf courses to help our users find the best golf courses closest to their destination

The end result, while a work in progress, is a one-stop source for the traveling golfer:

1.  First go to Forelinksters, narrow in on the area you’re traveling

2.  Compare the golf courses, and choose the best option for you

3.  Use the GolfNow app to book a tee time or find another course in the area which GolfNow serves

4.  Play golf, and when you’ve finished, provide a review and update on the course’s conditions on Forelinksters

We’re driven by the passion to provide a directory of the best golf courses, if we’ve missed your favorite golf course, and you don’t mind sharing with other traveling golfers, please contact us here.




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