Augusta National Golf Club Home of the Masters


Augusta National Golf Club Home of the Masters

It’s time for the Masters Tournament. Though you might not be able to play on the private Augusta National Golf Club Course, it’s still a place that golf fans everywhere should try to visit at least once.  Even if it’s just to look around. 

The Masters Tournament has been held at Augusta National since 1934 and it’s the only one of the Major Tournaments consistently held at the same golf course. The longstanding traditions of the Masters, including the green jacket for champions and lifetime invitations for winners to compete, make the Masters a distinct and beloved competition. In addition to hosting the Masters Tournament, the Augusta National Golf Course is known for another tradition – the famed Masters Champions dinner that kicks off the competition and gives the previous year’s winner the honor of picking the menu. This year, Bubba Watson chose a simple dinner of grilled chicken, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Augusta National has served up everything from hamburgers to blood sausage. 

Augusta National is a private course situated in Augusta, GA, along the Savannah River. The course runs of a total of 7,435 yards with a par of 72, a course rating of 78.1 and a slope rating of 137. Each hole is named after a different type of tree or shrub, a nod to the former plant nursery that was once on that land.  It’s been ranked in the top 10 for Golfweek Magazine’s best classic courses in the United States. Augusta National also ranked as Golf’s Digest’s #1 greatest course in America.  As far as private courses go, Augusta National has some of the most exclusive course membership policies. The club only admitted its first two female members, Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore, in August of 2012. 

Getting tickets to the Masters

 This year’s Masters Tournament will be over on Sunday, but golf fans can already put in applications for both Practice Round and Daily Tournament tickets for the 2014 Masters Tournament. All tickets are sold in advance and given out by random selection. Those who want to attend must fill out an online application at before the end of June for Daily Tournament tickets and the end of July for Practice Round Tickets.

If you ever get the chance to visit Augusta National and attend the Masters, consider yourself lucky. Very few tickets are available for each year’s tournament. Take in every moment and enjoy your time at Augusta National Golf Club. Though you may not be golfing yourself, the opportunity to see all of golf’s greatest compete is not one to be missed!


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